The ANDI Certified Divemaster program meets the requirements of the EUF standard for a Level-III diver (ref: EUF). This course prepares the candidate to oversee certified divers to the level which the Divemaster is rated and conduct U/W tours for the same. Experience in all aspect of diver supervision and logistics (such as cylinder re-fill & emergency procedures etc.) are covered.

The Divemaster has no certifying authority.

Prerequisites: 18 years or older, Have at least 60 logged dives, Rescue Diver certified, and ANDI Dive Medic or equivalent certified.


The ANDI Certified Assistant Instructor program meets the requirements of the EUF standard for a Level 1 Instructor however under the ANDI system they have no certifying authority.

This course may be viewed as an ITC (Instructor Training Course) which prepares the candidate to attend an IEC ( Instructor Evaluation program) conducted by an IT in order to become an ANDI OWI.

It consists of some theory and testing plus hands-on work in conducting all aspects of the ANDI OWD program while being supervised by an ANDI AOWI.

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