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Entry Courses
ANDI Open Water Diver course is an entry-level, diver training program designed to provide all of the basic information and skills required for the beginning open water SCUBA Diver.
Open Water Specialities
Open water specialties courses in Corfu
Leadership Courses
The ANDI Certified Divemaster program meets the requirements of the EUF standard for a Level-III diver (ref: EUF).
SafeAir Nitrox Courses
This course enables those certified as ANDI Limited Safe Air Users to receive the full benefits of breathing cleaner gas and enhanced safety.
Technical Training
This is the first ANDI training program to cover the specific information and skills necessary to perform stage-stop required, “technical” decompression diving while minimizing the associated risk factors.
Commercial Diving Training
This is an advanced diving class for commercial diving services such as Underwater hull cleaning, Underwater hull repair, Underwater welding & cutting, Inspections with video and photography, Lifting objects with lifting bags, Anchor recovery, Anodes replacement, Floating decks installations, Anchorage constructions, Towing, Fuel delivery

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